Web Design Services

Web design services can be divided into these categories. This list covers all types of website development.

Basic Web Design Services — Simple Web Design

Ecommerce Web Development — E-commerce Web Programming

CMS — Content Management System

Responsive Web Design — Mobile Web Design

Advanced Database Programming — Robust Web Development

responsive web development

Basic Web Design

Simple or basic web design services refers to what we used to call a “static page website” which means that there is no admin, back office or back end where the owner can log in to make updates. This is the type we were making back in 1995 and the problem was that any time the owner wanted any little update we had to pay a programmer to make the changes. The site owners never liked paying for these little changes and for us it was time consuming work for very little money. The database driven website which is now called, CMS or Content Management System websites became popular and solved this problem for everyone. The so called basic website is a thing of the past.

e-Commerce Web Development

An ecommerce or e-commerce web design is one which will have an online store which can also be referred to as a shopping cart system. Since there will always be changes and updates to prices, products and descriptions this type of website must have a content management system where the owners can make these changes on their own. Online stores can sell just about anything including digital files such as music, information in documents or software. Usually we think of products being in a shopping cart but the products don’t always need to be physical products. We can build systems that will integrate with popular accounting software and add inventory tracking and more. Often we custom program online stores but we also use WordPress and Magento for some of our ecommerce solutions depending upon the needs of our clients. We offer very affordable ecommerce web design services.

ecommerce web development
cms designer

Content Management System

What people like about having a Content Management System is that they are in control and never need to pay a programmer again once the website is live. With a CMS the site owner can log in with a user id and password and add new pages, entire new sections, photos, video and edit text. The days of emailing a list of changes and waiting to hear the price and how long it will take to complete ended with the advent of CMS web design. Some of our clients have told us that other developers have offered to sell them training on how to use their CMS. The Content Management System should be so easy to use that you don’t need training. We develop solutions that look a lot like your email program so that if you know how to type an email you can easily add a new page full of text to your website. We have been custom programming since 1995 so that is never a problem for us. We also use off the shelf systems such as WordPress depending upon the needs of our clients.

Responsive Web Design

Since over half of all searches are being done on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones all new websites must operate with ease on these devices. It is no longer necessary to ask a client if they ALSO want a mobile website because the site should adjust itself to fit the shape of whatever device is being used. This type of programming is what we call “responsive web design” and it is no longer something we ask clients about; it is the only type of web design we offer now. It doesn’t matter if you want something simple or a CMS or an online store; if it isn’t responsive then it is a problem for more than half of your online visitors.

responsive web development

There is no project too difficult for us. We are custom developers.

With advanced database programming we are able to let our web developers have fun and do what they live for; writing code. We can handle the most complex tasks by using custom database programming.