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Our team has years of experience in programming and designing all types of websites. Here is what makes our approach different from so many others.


We don’t have one person in charge of your project. This job actually requires four different people with very different training and educational backgrounds. Over the years we have found that designers, programmers, writers and SEO experts are not very good at doing each others jobs so we have different people for each of these four jobs.

graphic artist

Designers are graphic artists who (in our company) have a minimum of a four year college degree in commercial graphic design. They are creative types who like to have at least one piercing in their eyebrows. They don’t get their hair styled in the same places where the rest of us typically go and they feel that pink is a valid hair color.


Designers are those fun people you always want to invite to your party. They see the world differently and don’t work well with words; they can’t spell or read. Everything needs to be a picture for them to understand and make sense of the world.


Programmers on the other hand are serious, analytical types who feel that their pockets must be protected from their pens at all times. We all know how unruly pens can be and pockets are no match for pens. They like jokes about Microsoft active server page technology. The programmers tend to congregate together in very cold rooms filled with cabinets which are filled with servers. While you might want a photo standing next to your wife, girlfriend, new car or motorcycle the programmer wants a picture next to a brand new set of rack mounted servers. Often they will want a second photo showing all of the cabling in back neatly arranged. A programmer’s favorite saying is “A place for everything and everything in its place”.


Then you have the copywriter who will take care of writing all of the text that belongs on your website. This person is highly educated and generally (in our company a master’s degree is the minimum requirement) has a master’s degree in journalism. The copywriter is always stressed, we don’t know why and always complains of writer’s block, we don’t know why that happens either. Writers tend to be very social people who always have something to say (won’t shut up) until you ask them to write. A good writer will save you a lot of time so that the required text doesn’t become a project that you have to deal with.

seo expert

Search engine optimization which is now called SEO (to make it sound so technical) is nothing more than knowing what the search engines want and making certain that they find what they need in your website. The person who becomes an expert in this area tends to be a rebel, someone who is always pushing the limits to see what they can get away with. These are people who like to tinker with things and learn from trial and error what works and what works better. We believe SEO experts are born not created because they like a challenge and they don’t seem to mind big challenges nor do they believe that there is anything they can’t do. With SEO experts it is always wise to keep your goals realistic. For example a real estate agent may believe that if someone searches for “house” that this agent’s site should appear in the number one position. Lot’s of experts may claim that they can reach this goal but it is simply not realistic.

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